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Investigative Division

  • Lieutenant Leticia Castaneda
    Commanding Officer
    125 N. Beaudry Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90012 
    (213) 202-8644
    The Investigative Division provides leadership, expertise, and resources that support officers protecting our students, staff, community, and District property. Detectives handle follow up investigations on crimes involving schools and any other LAUSD property. In addition, they serve search and arrest warrants, file criminal cases with City Attorneys and District Attorneys. They work closely with the municipal and other partners in investigations and are integral in high level Threat Assessment teams. 
    Working closely with criminal detectives, outside agency investigators, District leaders, and private industry, we have Computer Theft Recovery experts who use technology and expertise to recover many stolen electronic items, worth high-dollar value.
    Responsibilities of this Division also include conducting investigative backgrounds of sworn and civilian candidates, processing, interviewing, screening civilian (non-sworn) applicants, and pre-exit interviews of employees.
    Also among our wide variety of investigative assignments are our Internal Affairs Detectives. To maintain the public confidence, all complaints must be thoroughly and impartially investigated. In an industry and Department that prides itself on transparency, thoroughness, and justice, our investigators maintain the highest standards and ethical values of the Department. Internal Affairs detectives operate as the investigative arm of the Chief of Police.