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Government and Community Relations

  • badge The Los Angeles School Police Department (LASPD) Government and Community Relations Section is a highly visible proactive unit, representing the Department and the Chief of Police to establish, build, and sustain relationships throughout the diverse communities we serve.
    The LASPD Social Media Team is a means for LAUSD community, students, staff, law enforcement agencies, and members of the media to inform themselves of Department information and events. The Social Media Team is a direct report to the Chief of Police, with a focus on community engagement, transparency, and partnerships with Department stakeholders.
    In doing so, we collectively improve the quality of safety for all students, staff, administrators, parents and the school community.
    Email laspd.socialmedia@laspd.com on any questions on the Department's social media platforms or information on Community Relations events.
    Deputy Chief Jose Santome
    (213) 202-4503
    Sergeant Julie Spry
    Social Media Team Supervisor
    Public Information Officer
    (213) 447-8155
    Officer Sandy Romero
    Social Media
    Public Information Officer
    (213) 393-4259