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    The Los Angeles School Police Department (LASPD) Honor Guard is comprised of dedicated sworn personnel who have volunteered to provide service to:
    • Support fallen officers in the "Line of Duty" deaths.
    • Provide final memorial services and honors to LASPD employees and their immediate families.
    • Present colors (e.g., United States, California, and LASPD flags) for significant events.
    • Represent the LASPD at the local, state, and federal level.
    Members of the Honor Guard serve as an ancillary assignment in addition to their myriad regular duties. The preponderance of the Honor Guard assignments involve the loss of loved ones, grieving families, and the coordination of final honors for the deceased.
    These assignments and services are physically demanding, long, and expose team members to inclement weather (e.g., heat, cold, rain, etc.) in dress uniform and while performing extremely mentally and emotionally demanding tasks.
    Honor Guard members routinely provide these services on their days off or after their normally assigned shifts and require a great deal of preparation and practice on the team member's personal time.
    Honor Guard members have also paid for United States funeral flags at their own expense when funds were insufficient to purchase them.
    Further, Honor Guard services provided are in full view of the grieving family members, the public, and political officials leaving little room for error. The services rendered by the Honor Guard requires a high degree of personal and team discipline, coordination, and fortitude.
    Over the four years of the Honor Guard's service, these teams of dedicated men and women have served with distinction and honor. The Honor Guard has also demonstrated distinguished service (to the LASPD, District, and law enforcement community), a commitment to excellence, teamwork, and esprit de corps in their performance above and beyond their normally assigned duties.
    Over the past four years the LASPD Honor Guard has served with distinction, earning recognition as a peer leader at the local, state, and federal levels.
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