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LASPD Bike Team

  • Sergeant Juan Escobar
    Sergeant James Ream
    The Los Angeles School Police Department (LASPD) Bike Patrol Team is comprised of several men and women from throughout the department.  The LASPD’s Bike Team is an effective and pro-active community policing tool and crime suppression detail.  The Bike Team, participates in various anti-crime reduction missions that support the safety and security of our schools and safe passage zones.
    The Bike Team, has completed a comprehensive and rigorous Peace Officers Standards Training certified Bicycle course where they learned various riding skills such as: traversing stairs, maneuvering through obstacles, following fleeing suspects, crowd control and tactical dismount.
    The officers often conduct regular school visits conduct safety presentations, reading books to kids, and to take photos with the students. 
  • LASPD Bike Team   
        LASPD Bike Team   
    LASPD Bike Team