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Anger Management Program for Students (A.M.P.S.)

  • Sergeant Paul Barron
    (213) 241-8631
    The Anger Management Program for Students (AMPS) aims to educate 3rd and 4th grade students of the Los Angeles Unified School District for basic anger management. The program includes training in handling anger-related behavior to include threats and other negative behavior manifestations. The focus on these early grade levels is key to lay a foundation that can be carried through childhood to the adult years.
    A.M.P.S. focuses on positive methods of handling anger by providing alternative solutions for identifying and preventing anger-related behavior. The program includes:
    · What causes anger? 
    · How do we handle the emotion of anger? 
    · Criminal Threats and Battery; the definition and the consequences.
    · Role-playing exercises dealing with real life situations for youth.
    · How to report information related to anger such as threats and other negative behaviors.
    The presentation is approximately one hour in length in an auditorium setting. Presenters are trained uniformed police officers and school safety officers from the LASPD.
    To learn more about AMPS for your school or to schedule a presentation, please email Sgt. Paul Barron at pbarron@laspd.com or call (213) 241-8631 for any questions you may have.