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  • NO DIBELS for TK 

    There have been questions about what assessments TK uses now that they no longer have to do DIBELS. Currently there are no district mandated assessments for TK (other than the state CELDT mandate, initials due by 9/21.)  The recommendation is that they use the TK-K alignment doc as a resource to monitor students' development from the 48 months to 60 months. 



    If teachers want to use a specific tool to monitor development, two options are:

    (1) Oral Language Screener on the Amplify assessment platform

         (since a big focus of TK is language development)

    (2) DRDP-K 2015 which is basically like a system to record development in skills aligned to the PLFs

         (this assessment is very extensive done over a 30-60 day period)


    Information about both assessment tools as well as training can be found online on the TK webpage -LAUSD Offices -Transitional Kindergraten at https://achieve.lausd.net/Page/6503

    ETK Permit 
    If you need the ETK permit- CLICK ETK Permit.
    Are you unclear as to the difference between ETK and TK?  This t-chart may help clarify some questions.  Click chart. 
    The TK Alignment Reference Tool focuses on the key knowledge and skills that children progressively begin to acquire at/around 60 months of age in the following domains:
    • Approaches to Learning – Self Regulation (ALT-REG);
    • Social Emotional Development (SED);
    • Language and Literacy Development (LLD);
    • English Language Development (ELD); and
    • Cognition: Math (COG: Math).
    The TK Alignment Reference Tool was developed to serve as an at-a-glance guide to facilitate the alignment of reference documents that support the work of transitional kindergarten practitioners. Additional details and in-depth information related to content may be obtained by referring to the individual publications cited in the alignment document.  Click on the subtitle above to link to alignment guide.  


    This resource document is extracted from the Alignment Document published July 2012 on the CDE Website*, which aligns several important reference documents supporting early childhood education.

    Included in these pages are the grids showing the alignment of the Preschool Learning Foundations (for children at 48 and 60 months of age) with the Common Core State Standards for Literacy and Mathematics, as well as the CA Framework standards for the other corresponding subject areas.   Click on the word "TK Alignment Guide" to download.

    Preschool Learning Foundation Framework and Other Resources
    The following are downloadable PDFs of the entire Preschool Learning Foundations and Preschool Curriculum Framework.
    Preschool Learning Foundations are the "standards."  
    It gives you examples of what it would look like in your classroom by 48 months and 60 months descriptors. 
    Preschool Curriculum Framework are the "hows."  
    It provides teachers with guiding principles and what to consider for developing lessons that are backed by research.  
    Click on the hyperlinks below for resources that you might be able to use for implementation of your ETK and TK classes.