LD East

    IAB for 2017-2018 
    Administration of IABs
    • 3rd to 5th/6th grade can give any IAB of their choice. One ELA and one Math before November 17th and one ELA and one Math before March 2nd. 
    • Performance Task is NOT required for IABs in elementary schools
    • Any changes to the requirements (administering the 2 minimum), a waiver must be submitted by October 16th and approved by your director. 
    Digital Library Tutorial
    What is the digital library? How can it help you save some time?  It contains standard-aligned lessons that have been vetted and rated by other educators.  Filters are set up to help you find lessons that are specific to the standard you are teaching.  Need a quick tutorial video on how to navigate the digital library? Look now more. Click on link to view.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obrtyyKkm5g 
    Accommodations and Support Reference Guide
    If you need more information as to how utilize the universal tools, how to turn on and off designated supports and accommodations, please click on the reference guide for details. REF- 6420
    Usability, Accessibility, and Accommodation Guidelines
    Smarter Balanced created a document to support school sites on how to decide what support to give broken down by tool and description. Guidelines PDF
          For support on Universal Tools, look to pages 6-8
          For support on Designated Support, look to pages 9-15
          For support on Accommodations, look to pages 17-21 
    Wondering  how the interim assessments break down? Click for the ICA and IAB broken down by grade level, classroom activity, number of items, what requires hand scoring, and the item names and types. 
    Need step by step support on how to get into your interim assessments? Click for 1 page cheat sheet from WestEd. 
    Need step by step support on how to hand score specific parts of the IABs? Click for 1 page cheat sheet from WestEd.  
    Need step by step support on how to navigate the digital library?  Click on 1 page cheat sheet from WestEd.

    Resources for Hand Scoring

    Do you need some anchor papers or extra practice on how to score the writing in the Performance Tasks?  Do you need videos to help you decipher everything? Visit the Understanding Proficiency website for grade specific resources.  Click on the hyperlink above or go to understandingprofiency.wested.org. 
    Use the data as an entry point into the curriculum, instruction and assessment cycle. Click on link above to access documents on gaining a deeper understanding of the Smarter Balanced summative assessments and results in connection with the claims, targets, and standards.  See what the scores mean and understand the different grade level bands.  Use the data to reflect on instructional practice and standards implementation as well as improving teaching and learning. 
    Click above to access the guide that will walk you through how to do the following:
    1. Administer Online Interim Assessments
    2. Understand the Student Testing Site
    3. Change Log
    Wondering how many questions are specific to each claim?  This document identifies the claim, the content category, stimuli, items, and total items by claims.  
    Click on the link above to enter CAASPP.  The 4th tab which reads "TA Resources" will drop down to give you three options.  Select the one that applies to you.  Know that the SBAC IAB (Interim Assessment Block) data will be uploaded to the Digital Library.
    Summative Assessment
    Interim Assessment
    Practice and Training Test
    Log in  
    Need to log into TOMS? Click on the Title or image above. 
    The link above will take you to suggested BLOCKS for each Interim Assessment Windows.  There are 9 blocks that can be given when you login to the CAASPP system for the IAB. The attachment will help you navigate the blocks, the types, the scoring, and the rationale.
    This user guide includes three things from CAASSP:  
    Overview of the Interim Assessment Hand Scoring System 
    Accessing the Interim Assessment Hand Scoring System
    Using the Interim Assessment Hand Scoring System