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    Benchmark Advance Recommended Unit Pacing 2018-2019.  Here
    Benchmark Advance Assessment Timeline Graphic.  Here
    Updated Sound/Spelling Chart for extra practice. Here
    Updated DIBELS/TRC Support Guide. Here
    This one-pager captures all the test dates that are required by the State and the District.  It also includes the recommended optional assessments and other important dates.  
    • All students in grades K-2 must take DIBELS
    • Grades 3-5/6 ELL and SWD, must take DIBELS
    • Grades 3-5/6 IFEP, EO, RFEP, may take DIBELS or TRC
    • All students MUST be assessed 3 times a year. 

    Unsure of who to use which assessment for?  Use this flow chart to figure out who needs which assessment.  


    According to research, making formative assessment processes an integral component of instruction is associated with improved student learning.  Local District East provides this document as  possible recommendations of formative assessments that teachers may use to consistently inform their instruction.  Please note that this list represent only a sampling of formative assessment tools that may be used across content areas. 
    You will need your LAUSD SSO for Google access.
    Need to make some sense out of all the boxes you just received? We made all sorts of lists! Click below for the one(s) you might need. 


    Reminder- two sets of Teachers' Edition (TRS) were ordered per grade level for the administrative team. They come in boxes marked Teacher's Resource System.



    WilIiam's Sufficiency
    Growth in Enrollment
    Did you grow in enrollment? Forget to order for a specific class?  Please do the following.
    1. Fill out justification for late order Justification for Late Order
    2. Have your director sign off
    3. Fill out a remedy ticket via ILTSS.  Create a Service Job Aide/Remedy Ticket
    4. Click ON: Report ILTSS Destiny Issues

    Textbooks services will create a SAP to order your materials. This does not happen through the local district.  Once you have a ticket in and you would like to follow up via phone, please call (213) 241-2734.

    William's List
    Need the list that has been approved for Williams? 
    Treasures Pick Up
    What should you do with your Treasures materials?  
    Click on the reference guide for your pick up date. 
    Textbook Services
    Need to create a remedy ticket for an issue with your books? Click for remedy  
    1. Complete incoming transfer from Destiney
    2. Complete textbook inventory
    3. Complete "goods receipt" in SAP asap (If materials does not match invoice, call vendors.)
    For support with Destiny passwords, schools can call the ILTSS help desk at 213-241-2734.
    Ask for Josh or Sharon. 
    95% Group Diagnostic Assessment: PASI
    Our district has purchased online access for every single school to the 95% Group's diagnostic assessment.  Both DIBELS and the PASI supports our district-wide and state goal of ensuring that ALL students have a strong foundation of their phonological awareness and phonics skills.   A great analogy shared by the 95% Group about identifying at risk kids is- "DIBELS tells you the house is on fire and the PASI tells you where the fire is."  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ADMINISTER THE PASI ON EVERY SINGLE STUDENT.  Each school gets their own specific access code where every single teacher can log in, download, and print the assessments. If you would like to get the code for your school, please email your literacy coordinator and make sure the name of your school is in the subject or body of your email. 
    Need some support in identifying which levels of DOK your instruction is primary geared towards?  Click above for our DOK 101 break down of what DOK is and is not.   It includes the general definition, question stem resources, a DOK flowchart, example of tasks, and some concrete examples of how the same task might look written to address the 4 levels. 
    MyPLN Support
    Can't seem to find or register for a class? Follow the steps below.

    1. Go to achieve.lausd.net/mypln

    2. Click on "log in to MyPLN"

    3. Sign in using your single sign on

    4. Click on the big box labeled SEARCH (top, left corner with magnifying glass)

    5. Type in Local District East (and whatever else the keywords are)

    6. Click on the class you want to register for

    7. Scroll down and request the one you would like to attend

    TRC Books
    The district will not be sending additional TRC boxes. If you would like to order additional boxes, find the information on this TRC order flyer.
    Having trouble logging into your MCLASS account? Use your LAUSD single sign in. 
    To access the platform to test your students, go to lausd.mclasshome.com/assessment
    To access the platform to view your data, go to lausd.mclasshome.com
    Need more support? Click on step by step flyer HERE.