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LASPD Wrestling Program

  • The Los Angeles School Police Department Youth Wrestling Team was developed in 2011 by Police Officers with the intent of keeping kids of the streets and involved in a productive afterschool program.
    LASPD Wrestling Team has since won 4 consecutive California State Championships in various youth divisions. The LASPD Wrestling Program currently consists of four teams; Bell High School, Canoga Park High School, San Fernando and San Pedro with about 220 total kids who participate. The season goes from the first week in November to June. November through March the kids learn and participate in Folkstyle (High School and College style) competition. March through June the kids learn Freestyle (olympic style) competition.
    We partner with Beat the Streets-Los Angeles (a non-profit organization) that financially backs both teams. Beat the Streets purchases the liability insurance for the district, school site and purchases the individual insurance for each child in our program. Beat the Streets also pays civilian coaches to teach wrestling to our kids.
    Age 5-18
    Maintain a school grade average of “C” or better
    Parental permission
    For more information on the Wrestling Program contact Sergeant Arana: 
    Sergeant Jesus Arana
    Los Angeles School Police Department 
    Wrestling Program Coordinator
    Sergeant Cheron Bartee
    Los Angeles School Police Department
    Youth Programs and Intervention Supervisor
    (213) 202-8632
    LASPD Wrestling  
    LASPD Wrestling  
    LASPD Wrestling