• Two students reading and talking Student reading on steps                                                                                                                 
     Two young students reading

    Literacy/Language Arts Intervention

    The implementation of the new California Standards have increased the literacy demands on the students LAUSD is privileged to serve. A literacy gap remains for many of our students and it is critical that it be closed for them to be prepared for post-secondary learning opportunities and careers. The District's work to support reading literacy is being led by the Division of Instruction's Elementary and Secondary Literacy/ELA teams and the Division of Special Education.

    On the following pages, educators will find material and links to support their work at school sites. At present, the main components will be a Read 180 resource page and a Language! 4th Ed. resource page. Additional pages will be added as resources grow. 
    Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. 
                               ~Margaret Fuller
    Intervention Policy Documents