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     2021 - 2022
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     Canoga Park / Chatsworth


     Mary Melvin


     Jeanny Chang  /

     Alejandra Ayala

     Lawrence Middle School






     Debra McIntyre-Sciarrino


     Stephanie Powell  /

     Alejandra Ayala

     Northridge Middle School




     Kennedy / NAHS / VAAS


     Dr. Donna Gilliland


     Kara Duros


     Porter Middle School






     Roger Avila


     Michael Swanston  /

     Vanessa Victorio

     Sepulveda Middle School






     Dr. Eric Maxey


     Renee Cofield


     Mulholland Middle School






     Dr. Denise Collier


     La Donna Oduwole


     Woodland Hills Academy




     Early Education Centers


     Ana Oregel



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