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    Posted by LISA SALDIVAR on 7/16/2015


    New Adoption Update and enVision

    A comprehensive Elementary Mathematics FAQ sheet was released on August 3rd. Please click on the link to access: Elementary Mathematics FAQ

    If your school ordered TK material, it will be labeled as "Pre-K." This is how McGraw Hill labels the program, but it is intended for your TK Students. The new Expanded TK classes (ETK) can use the DLM curriculum previously used by the SRLDP/Pre-K classes. ETK classes will receive a sum of money that can be used to purchase another curriculum, such as We Can or Creative Curriculum, if they would like. 

    Obsolete enVision Math Materials

    Central would like to remind us of the specific protocols for replacing our previous series with the new adoption. REF-6497, titled "Transfer of Obsolete Mathematics Textbooks and Related Materials to District Warehouse" states "all Mathematics textbooks and related instructional materials replaced by the newly adopted textbooks and instructional materials must be kept at school site until the newly adopted materials are implemented at the school site to ensure Williams sufficiency in case of any delays in receipt of the new materials. Once all newly adopted materials have arrived and schools are Williams compliant, then obsolete materials are sent to the District textbook warehouse." Once the newly-adopted Mathematics textbooks and instructional materials are implemented, all previous materials may then be sent to the District Warehouse per the instructions set forth in REF-6497 using the label provided. Please note that any sales of obsolete instructional materials shall be conducted by Procurement, not by individual school sites.

    Williams Sufficiency 
    Click the link to access the list of materials needed to certify for Williams: 
    My Math Materials Checklists
    1st Grade    
    2nd Grade    
    3rd Grade    
    4th Grade    
    5th Grade    
    6th Grade (CA Math)
    Big thanks to Instructional Coach Youko Amemiya from Carson Street ES who created this Distribution Checkoff!

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