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Canine Unit

  • Sergeant Shaun Luciano
    For Requests: 
    The Los Angeles School Police Department's Canine Unit was formed in 2002. The unit consists of six police officers and their canine partners. The officers and canines assist in the detection and location of suspects and or narcotics. The Canine unit closely supports the school administrators in providing a safe and secure learning environment free from drugs and criminal activity.
    The members of the unit are available to assist in classroom searches and school presentations by filling out the request from the links below. The LASPD Canine teams generally hone their skills with other Canine professionals, are actively involved with various Canine awareness and demonstration programs that support education. 
    LASPD Canine officers undergo a rigorious selection and training process, and have completed hundreds of hours of professional training and development of Canine detection and serve as subject matter expects. 
    Lastly, these officers serve as first responders to critical incidents of concern. 
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