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    A Police Officer patrols or is assigned to District schools, offices, and other property. The Officer also apprehends suspects; investigates crimes; and makes recommendations for the disposition of criminal and related matters involving the security of District facilities, personnel, or students.
    The Ideal Candidate for this job is be able to read, comprehend and interpret written materials and possess exceptional listening skills. The applicant must have the ability to work in emergency situations and handle stressful events well. We are looking for a candidate that makes sounds judgments and decisions and thinks clearly and logically. The applicant must be able to maintain complete and accurate records and prepare clear, concise, and grammatically correct police reports. This candidate must handle situations with a high degree of professionalism and integrity and be prepared to meet the physical demands of police work.
    The typical duties of a Police Officer are as follows:
    *Patrols or is assigned to a campus, stake-outs, and responds to intrusion alarm reports at District schools, offices and other facilities;
    *Maintains law and order at District facilities, including prevention and control of incidents of violence directed against District facilities, personnel, or students;
    *Enforces violations of California vehicle codes and penal codes, and all other violations of city, county, State, and federal law and statutes as necessary;
    *Contacts and cooperates with local law-enforcement agencies in the prevention, control, and investigation of illegal activities by persons or groups directed against District facilities, personnel, or students;
    *Apprehends and interrogates those suspected of committing or attempting to commit crimes affecting district facilities personnel, or students;
    *Investigates crimes affecting District facilities, personnel, and students.
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  • 2019 Police Officer Written Test Schedule
    • January 9th and 10th 
    • March 5th and 6th 
    • May 7th and 8th

     *Test dates may change without notification.  

  • For assistance with application process, contact LAUSD Talent Acquisition Selection Branch: (213) 241-3455