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  • Dc Santome Deputy Chief Jose Santome
    Administrative Services Bureau 
    Telephone: (213) 202-4503
    Administrative Services Bureau (ASB) is responsible for coordinating and managing the Department's Administrative and Investigative Divisions.
    The Administrative Division oversees the Department’s:
    Payroll Unit
    Budget Services Unit
    Records and Crime Analysis Unit 
    Custodian of Records Responsibilities
    Pitchess Motion Duties
    Public Records Requests
    Subpoena Control Unit
    Citation Control Unit
    The Division is responsible for overseeing the Department’s:
    Government and Community Relations 
    Public Information Officers
    Social Media Team
    Fleet Management 
    Contract Administration
    Chaplain Program
    Peer Counseling Program
    Department Wellness Program
    Investigative Division oversees the Department’s Investigative assignments to include:
    Criminal Investigative Section
    Property Crimes and Computer Recovery Unit
    Internal Affairs Unit
    Background Investigations Unit