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    The purpose of Title I is to meet the educational needs of children from low-income households and the needs of children in local institutions for neglected or delinquent children. Participants include students who are at-risk of failing, disabled, and in private schools.

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     SPSA Status:

    Has your 2020-21 SPSA been fully approved?  If not, check to see you if you have received feedback from Title I, EL or PACE.  Were you asked to make revisions?  When are you going to finish the revisions?  Are you still waiting to hear from one of the programs regarding their feedback?

    Take care of all revisions quickly to prevent delays in getting your SPSA fully approved.  Communicate with the program Coordinator when revisions are finished and when you are unsure of what needs to be completed.  This is a team effort and we are all dedicated to ensuring that your SPSA is approved in a timely manner.

    Reminder:  Title I purchases, budget adjustments, and SPSA modifications can not be completed unless the 2020-21 SPSA has been fully approved by PACE, EL, Title I, the Community of Schools Administrator and Federal & State Educational Programs (FSEP).



    There is a new SPSA Modification Form for 2020-21.  Once your SPSA is fully approved and you are ready to make budget adjustments/SPSA modifications, use this new form only.  (Located under the header "2020-2021 School Plan for Student Achievement" on this page)



    2019-2020 SPSA Evaluation

    The 2019-2020 SPSA Evaluation located within the 2020-21 SPSA online template is due on or before October 31, 2020.

    Due to the lack of end of year data (result of school closures), all responses on the SPSA Evaluation should focus on student performance trends observed prior to the school closures.  Those trends inform whether or not students were on track to meet or not on track to meet measurable objectives.  In addition, focus on how strategies and positions purchased with Title I were being implemented and their effectiveness at that time.  Refer to guidance provided at the September 17, 2020 Title I Designee Meeting.


    Prior to submitting 2020-2021 Title I Budget Adjustments and SPSA Modifications, the school's 2020-2021 SPSA must be fully approved by the LD South EL Coordinator, PACE Administrator, Title I Coordinator, Community of Schools Administrator and then Federal and State Educational Programs.


    2020-2021 Title I Designee Meetings (for All LD South Title I Designees)

    Dates:                             Times:                   

    • August 27, 2020(new)   9:00-10:30am with optional extended learning 10:30-11:15am
    • September 17, 2020     for Community of Schools:Carson, Harbor City/Lomita, Rivera,
    • October 15, 2020         Gardena
    • November 19, 2020      12:30-2:00pm with optional extended learning 2:00-2:45pm
    • January, 21, 2021         for Community of Schools: Fremont, Achievement, San Pedro,
    • February 18, 2021        Wilmington, Partnerships
    • April 15, 2021              
    • May 20, 2021                                  

    Title I Designee Meetings Only for NEW LD South Title I Designees 

    • August 28, 2020(new) 9:00-11:00am
    • January 22, 2021        9:00-11:00am



    First, read the Notes section of the "Job Aid for Completing the Covid-19 Federal-Funded Equipment Check In and Check-Out" and then read the rest of the Job Aid.  

    The job aid contains guidance on using the "COVID-19 Federal-Funded Equipment Check Out/In" form and on using other options to meet this requirement of tracking devices used for distance learning.



    Title I COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from FSEP.  Click the link for the Frequently Asked Questions about the Title I program and the use of funds during the COVID-19 period.  Please check back often as these FAQS may be updated as we move forward during this period.

    Frequently Asked Questions Categories:

    • Title I Purchases: FAQ 1-9
    • School Site Council Approval: FAQ 9-11
    • School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA): FAQ 12-14
    • Time and Effort Documentation for Professional Development (PD), Intervention: FAQ 15-21
    • Repurposing Federal Equipment and Supplies for COVID-19 Distance Learning: FAQ 22

    COVID-19 Periodic Certification (FAQ 15)

    BUL-2643.9 Documentation for Employees Paid from Federal and State Categorical Programs (FAQ 15, 16, 17)


  • Annual Title I Meeting   ANNUAL TITLE I MEETING


    Click here to access the 2020-21 SWP Title I Overview PowerPoint and the sample Title I Annual Meeting letters for SWP schools and the Annual Title I Meeting Requirement


    Pushpin    BULLETINS, MEMORANDUMS, and



    CLICK HERE (FSEP Publicatons Page) for all current Title I Bulletins, Memorandums, and Reference Guides

    • Restricted Use of P-Card, Ghost Card and Travel Card (T-Card) for Title I Program Purchases
    • Documentation for Employees Paid from Federal and State Categorical Programs
    • Additional Review Process for Title I Expenditures (Shopping Carts, Imprest Reconciliations, P-Card Reconciliations and Payroll Overdrafts)
    • Inventory Requirements for Equipment Purchased with Categorical Program Funds
    • and many, many more

     MEM-6016.7 (Rev 2) 2019-2020 Procurement Year-End Closing Timelines - Updated 04/27/2020



    2020-2021 Community of Schools by LD South Title I Coordinator


    Deborah Davidock

    • Carson (Afia Hemphill)
    • Harbor City/Lomita (Terry Ball, Interim)
    • Fremont (Dr. Robert Whitman)
    • Achievement Network (Myrna N. Brutti)
    • Partnership Schools - Grape St ES, Griffith Joyner ES, Ritter ES, Markham MS, Jordan HS


    Mike Carey

    • San Pedro (Lou Mardesich)
    • Wilmington (David Kooper)
    • Gardena (Rosemarie Martinez)
    • Rivera (Dr. Reginald Sample)
    • Partnership Schools - 99th St ES, 107th St ES, Figueroa St ES



    Multi-Funded Time Report   TIME REPORTING

    FSEP has determined that ALL multi-funded postions (Title I Designee/TSP Advisor for example) will be required to complete a Multi-Funded Time Report.  Since the current bulletin is not scheduled to be revised this year, Attachment F has been updated as Attachment F-1.  You can download Attachment F-1 below

    Click HERE for the current Bulletin and the fillable forms listed below 

    • Attachment B1 & B2 - Periodic Certification (Fillable)
    • Attachment F - Administrator Assurances (Fillable)
    • Attachment G - Division Administrator Assurances (Fillable)

     Multi-Funded Time Reporting Templates

  •  Agenda


    Click Here

  • PACE



    Important LD South PACE infomation will be posted on Schoology.   The Group Name is LD South - Title I.  Contact Debbie Siriwardene, LD South PACE Administrator for the Access Code.

    Local District South PACE webpage

    Use this link Tools for Schools - LAUSD Parent Community Services (PCS) to access:

    • Parent Workshops - Graduation Requirements Workshops, College and Career Readiness, etc.
    • Title I -California Dashboard Presentation to Parents, Title I Annual Meeting Resources, etc.
    • School Site Councils - Orientation and Election Resources