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  • Los Angeles School Police Department 

    125 North Beaudry Avenue 

    Los Angeles, CA 90012 


    Communications Center & Watch Commander 

    24 Hours: (213) 625-6631

    Office of the Chief of Police
    Chief Steven K. Zipperman

    Alec Caballero
    Secretary to the Chief of Police 
    (213) 202-4508

    Lieutenant Leslie Ramirez
    Adjutant to the Chief of Police
    (213) 202-4507
    Deputy Chief's Office
    Alec Caballero
    (213) 202-4506
    Deputy Chief Timothy J. Anderson
    Chief of Staff - Commanding Officer
    Office of Strategy, Planning and Accountability (OSPA)
    Critical Response Team
    Counter-terrorism Unit 

    Deputy Chief Armando Farias
    Support Services Bureau

    Deputy Chief Joanna Fontenette
    Campus Services Bureau

    Deputy Chief Jose Santome
    Administrative Services Bureau