• Local District South

  • Goals and Strategies

    Goal #1: Safe and Welcoming School Environments

    We understand that in order for our students to succeed, they must feel safe, cared for, connected and respected. We also understand that welcoming campuses are those that promote positive relationships, school connectedness; environments that are free from bullying, hazing and violence; environments that promote high student and staff attendance; and schools that are safe with well-maintained District facilities and offices that offer high-quality customer service to all stakeholders.

    Goal #2: 100% Early Literacy

    We understand that all research indicates that student success is increased when children are readers by age 9. All Local District South schools will focus on providing students with well-designed curriculum and engaging early literacy strategies aligned to shared high expectations for proficiency in literacy. Our schools will improve in the number and percentage of Pre-K through 2nd grade students reaching grade level benchmarks on the District’s DIBELS assessment.

    Goal #3: Interventions and Extended Opportunities for 100 % Graduation, A-G Success and Access to College and 21st Century Careers

    We understand that our District priority is to graduate students that are College and Career ready. Local District South Senior High schools will increase opportunities for all students to complete graduation and A-G requirements by providing school-based strategic interventions, extended learning opportunities, blended learning credit recovery and acceleration opportunities and pathways to college and 21st century careers.

    Goal #4: Engaging Differentiated and High-Quality Instruction to Ensure Proficiency for All

    We understand that each student has different learning needs. Local District South will provide differentiated instruction with student-specific supports to address the individual learning needs of all students. This customized and well-designed comprehensive instruction will embed research-based strategies to engage students and address the individual needs of students with disabilities, English Learners, Standard English Learners, Foster Youth and at-risk students.

    Goal #5: Improved Parent Engagement and Partnerships

    We understand that parents are partners in the education of our students. Local District South will facilitate trainings that provide parents with opportunities to learn how to best support education at home and at school. We will work with school teams to ensure high-quality customer service, environments that welcome and engage parents and the opportunities for parents and families to participate in community events, and to promote two-way communication between stakeholders to collaborate on viable solutions to school goals, initiatives, challenges and programs.