LD East

Title I Program

  • Hello and Welcome to Local District East Title I Program!  
    The purpose of this web page is to provide resources and information regarding implementation of Title I Program in LAUSD under the guidance of Federal and State Education Programs (FSEP) Branch.  We provide technical assistance in the following areas:
    • Title I and Fiscal Program Requirements
    • Federal Program Monitoring (FPM)
    • School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) 
    This page will also provide important information and due dates for Local District East schools.  Please check frequently.
    Please keep in mind that Title I is a Program, not a funding source.   
    What does the Title I Program look like at your school?  
    How are you utilizing Title I funds to provide equitable resources and evidence-based interventions to support at-risk students in accessing the core curriculum?
    Equity = Fairness   


Reyna Corral, Title I Coordinator - reyna.corral@lausd.net

Reyna Corral, Title I Coordinator