COVID-19 Updates

    The District Travel Freeze will continue for the 21-22 school year. During this freeze a COVID 19 District Travel Freeze Exception Request Form is required for any District Employee Travel/Conference Attendance and must be submitted for approval to Megan Reilly, Interim Superintendent. This approved form is required in addition to the standard 10.12.1 process forms and approvals.

    The current freeze on Travel and Conference Attendance does not include virtual conferences, webinars, or online training. The 10.12 .1 Conference Attendance Form is not needed for virtual conferences, webinars, or online training.

    The P-Card may be used to pay for these on-line registration fees.  If the cost is over the P-Card limit, please submit a Credit Card Exception Form to the P-Card Representative for your Local District.

    Note: If the virtual conference attendee self-pays the on-line registration fees, a 10.12.1 Form will be required to process the reimbursement request.


    Travel and Conference is responsible for assisting schools and offices in processing conference attendance and travel requests in accordance with District policies and procedures. Click here for a copy of the School Employee Conference Attendance Approval Process.


    Please note the 10.12.1 Form has been separated into:

    Fillable 10.12.1 CONFERENCE ATTENDANCE REQUEST  (use before the trip to obtain approval)



    (use after the trip to request reimbursement)

     *Important! After downloading you must save a copy of the forms with a new file name to your computer before attempting to complete the form.

    TRAVEL APPROVAL FORM - Updated 11-14-19 Use for ALL Out of State Travel Requests.  Remember, all Out-of-state travel requests must be submitted for approval to Pedro Salcido, Chief of Staff.


    COVID-19 Travel Freeze Exception Request Form  Due to COVID-19 Travel Freeze, this is currently required for all Travel/Conference Attendance Requests and must be submitted for approval to Megan Reilly, Interim Superintendent.


    Click here for a helpful "Travel Checklist".

    NEW! Timekeepers you can now access the Approved Travel Request Notifications. Click on the links below for step by step instructions. 
    For assistance contact the Travel Desk Representative for your area listed below or email the Travel Desk at procurement.traveldesk@lausd.net
    Please note the P-Card Unit and Travel Desk are no longer combined. See below for Travel Desk assignments:
    Dee Washington - LD West, LD South and LD East  
    Conference Attendance and Travel 
    Email: dretha.washington@lausd.net
    Phone: (562) 654-9060
    Sharon Quon - LD Central, LD Northeast and LD Northwest  
    Conference Attendance and Travel 
    Email: sharon.quon@lausd.net
    Phone: (562) 654-9337
    Travel Desk Main Line (562)654-9058 
    Email: procurement.traveldesk@lausd.net
    Helpful Information: Travel and Conference Standard Rates 



    Full Day Per Diem

    $49 per day

    Half Day Per Diem

    $24.50 per day


    $0.56 per mile


    $359.17 per day


     Please note:   The mileage and substitute rate changes yearly.  Please check this page periodically for updates.