Instructional Technology Initiative

Digital Citizenship Week 2014

Digital Citizenship Week (DCW) was established in 2014 by Common Sense Education. To celebrate the founding of DCW, the Instructional Technology Initiative held an inaugural DCW Showcase in March 2014 and an official DCW Showcase in October 2014 during the actual week of DCW.

Inaugural Digital Citizenship Week

In March 2014, the inaugural DCW Showcase was held at Western Avenue Elementary School in collaboration with Common Sense Education, where Disney star, Rainey Rodriguez, joined LAUSD students to discuss the importance of being safe and responsible online. Students performed a short musical skit about using technology.

  • 1st Annual Digital Citizenship Week

    In October 2014, the official week of DCW was held and celebrated at Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences (VAAS) in collaboration with Common Sense Education with special guest, Ronnie Lott—a Pro Football Hall of Fame athlete. Mr. Lott moderated a panel of students as they shared their experiences with social media and how they navigate online interactions as high school students.