Board District 3 List of Schools

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Magnet Programs

  • Magnet programs offer self-contained classes and place emphasis on developing higher-level thinking skills in a demanding academic program for students who are entering grades 1–12. Interested parents may submit an original application or apply online at by the mid-November deadline. For information regarding the process of application, verification, and student selection, call the Office of Student Integration Services at (213) 241-4177 or visit the Magnet Programs website.

Options Programs

  • Educational Options Schools are designed to address the needs of at-risk students by helping them acquire academic, social and occupational skills so that each student may contribute to and benefit from society.  There are two types of Options schools in Board District 3:

    Continuation High Schools: Small campuses with low student-to-teacher ratio offer instruction to students ages 16-18 who are considered to be at risk of dropping out.

    Community Day Schools: Small schools providing interim educational opportunities for youngsters in grades K-12 who have been expelled, are at high risk, or have been referred by probation, or a School Attendance Review Board.  


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