CA State Capitol Building

The California Legislative Process

  • Advocacy at any governmental level can be a challenging and even daunting process. Below are documents to explain the California legislative process, a legislative calendar, and list of legislators on the education committees for LAUSD stakeholders to use in their advocacy endeavors.
    Legislative Issue Areas 
    The Office of Government Relations covers a wide variety of education policy and school-related legislative issue areas. The following are major topics that the OGR covers and monitors as it relates to local, state, and federal policy:
    • Accountability
    • Adult Education & Career Technical Education
    • Attendance/Truancy
    • Campus Safety
    • Charter Schools
    • Curriculum
    • Early Childhood Education
    • English Language Acquisition
    • Environmental Safety Standards
    • Facilities & Energy
    • Foster Youth
    • Graduation Rates
    • Health Services
    • Immigration
    • Instructional Materials
    • Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF & LCAP)
    • Pupil Rights
    • Special Education
    • Technology
    • Transportation
  • CA State Capitol Building