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  • Welcome to the 2016/2017 academic year!

    I am honored to serve as the Northwest Administrator of Operations.  It is the goal of the Operations Team to ensure that every school is safe, clean, and conducive to Teaching and Learning.  In hopes of maintaining the continuity of the Instructional Program and campus safety, we are committed to addressing school and community needs in a timely manner.  We look forward to serving you!

    Darneika Watson-Davis, Ph.D.

    Administrator of Operations
  • More Than A Meal Toolkit
  •  What's Up and Coming???
    Safe School Plan volumes 1,2,3
    Due October 4, 2016
     Flushing Log Certification
    Due the 15th of each month
     Random Metal Detection Certification
    Due each month
    Drill Certification,
    Due each month
  • Safe School Plan Materials
  • Discipline Foundation Policy/Fall Site Visits

    The Discipline Foundation Policy is designed to provide guidelines and procedures for a consistent framework for developing, refining, and implementing a culture of discipline built on positive behavior support and interventions.  Northwest Operations will diligently support this policy by visiting school sites during the months of October through December.  During these visits, we will work with school sites to develop plans, ensure effective modeling for positive behavior support, identify appropriate documentation that supports the plan, and work with all stakeholders on effective implementation and alignment to the policy.  Additionally, we will discuss the Rubric of Implementation and determine next steps to ensure and maintain full implementation.

  •  Pupil Services and Attendance

    The Northwest Pupil Services and Attendance Team is committed to increasing in-seat attendance at all grade levels and providing support to all schools.  It is our goal to ensure 100% submittal rates and support programming that will increase the rate of our students attending school at 96% or higher.  Our counselors are committed to analyzing data, identifying trends, use intervention and prevention strategies, and recognize attendance growth.  If you have any questions or need support, please contact Dionne Ash, PSA Administrator, at 818-654-3716.

    Upcoming and District, PSA Initiatives:

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