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  • Welcome to the 2018-19 academic year!


    I am honored to serve as the Northwest Administrator of Operations.  It is the goal of the Operations Team to ensure that every school is safe, clean, and conducive to Teaching and Learning.  In hopes of maintaining the continuity of the Instructional Program and campus safety, we are committed to addressing school and community needs in a timely manner.  We look forward to serving you!

    Dr. Debra Bryant

    Administrator of Operations


    Northwest Operations Team


    Steve Munoz, Lead Operations Coordinator                   818-654-3625

    Sherman Gardin, Operations Coordinator                  818-654-3625

    Temo Arroyo, Operations Coordinator                        818-654-3651

    Andriette Keele-Gibson, Operations Coordinator     818-654-3642


    Gabriela Mojica, Administrative Assistant                 818-654-3670



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     What's Due
    Child Abuse Certification Training Due: September 30, 2018
     Flushing Log Certification
    Due the 15th of each month
     Random Metal Detection Certification
    Due each month
    Drill Certification,
    Due each month
  • Bi-Weekly Operation Communication Updates for January 28, 2019

    What's New

    • SAA/OM Meeting on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at LDNW Office. Details are forthcoming.
    • BUL: 5159.9- This Bulletin replaces BUL-5159.8, Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP), issued July 30, 2018, by Office of the General Counsel. It includes updated information to ensure compliance with legal requirements and per State Federal Program Monitoring
    • BUL-6612.1 -Non-Discrimination And Anti-Harassment (Including Sexual Harassment) Policy And Complaint Procedure. This bulletin updates and replaces Bulletin No. 6612.0 issued by Human Resources on November 10, 2015. This revision contains updated information regarding the related resources listed. This revision also reflects current state and federal requirements and provides guidance and procedures for investigating complaints of discrimination and harassment.
    • MEM-6338.5 -Child Abuse Awareness Training (CAAT) and Resources-The information has been updated to inform employees that schools and offices (including substitutes) are not required to participate in the Spring CAAT.
    • REF-6484.4 -2019 Graduation Caps, Tassels, and Gowns-This Reference Guide replaces 6484.3, 2018 Graduation Caps, Tassels and Gowns, dated December 7, 2017. The contract with Herff Jones to provide caps and gowns to the District has been extended until September 2019.
    • Field Trip Checklist: provides an overview of the different types of trips a school may schedule, including Routine, Non-Routine, Non-Routine Overnight, and Non-Routine Out of State/Country.
    • REF: 5693.3 -The Reference Guide replaces REF-5693.2, “Cal/OSHA Log of Injuries and Illnesses”, to include updated website links and resources.

    What's Due

    • The deadline for Principals to submit their schools' E-CAST applications, including Open Enrollment declarations, Magnet responses and Staffing Appeals, is THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2019 at 11:59pm. E-CAST 2019 training is now available on MyPLN . The training is geared for Principals, AssistantPrincipals and other school-based representatives, but it is helpful for Operators and LD Administrators as well. For complete information about E-CAST, please visit the E-CAST website at Questions about E-CAST? Need assistance? Please call E-CAST Customer Service at 213-241-8044 x9 or email
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