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  • The Educator Growth & Development: Teacher (EDST) cycle is the process used for teacher evaluation in our district.  EDST offers teachers the opportunity for feedback from administrators on their practice, as well as reflection, self-assessment, and goal-setting for professional growth.  
    There are a few differences this year in the EDST cycle .  Here is an overview of the process for the 2016-17 school year:


    Suggested Timeline and Due Dates

    Teacher Self-Assessment

    August  - September

    Initial Planning Sheet*

    September (Due Date:  9/23/16)

    Initial Planning Conference*

    September – October (Due Date:  10/7/15)

    Informal Growth Plan Visit (minimum of 1 visit required)*

    September – March

    Must be completed by:  3/17/17 

    Formal Observation Cycle (minimum of 1 visit required)*

    September – March

    Observation must be completed by:  2/17/17 

    Stakeholder Feedback Survey

    November – December 

    Mid-Year Reflection (optional)


    End-of-Year Reflection (optional)


    Final Evaluation Conference*

    Must be completed by 5/9/17

    * Indicates REQUIRED step in the EDST process 

  • How do I access the MyPGS website?

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    To login to the MyPGS website, type the following link into your web browser:


    You will be directed to a page that invites you to log into the website.  Select the Login button and you will be directed to enter your email address and SSO password.


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  • Where do we find the Lesson Design Template for the Formal Observation?

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    All the supporting materials for the Formal Observation will be found under the "Primary Activities" tab of the teacher's evaluation page on MyPGS. Open the section titled, "Formal Observation (Required)" to locate the Lesson Design Template, optional Teacher Reflection, Observation Notes, etc.

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  • What is the deadline to complete the Formal Observation?

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    The Formal Observation must be completed by February 17, 2017.

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  • What is the deadline for the Growth Plan Visit?

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    The Growth Plan Visit must be completed by March 17, 2017.

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  • What is the difference between the Formal Observation and the Growth Plan Visit?

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    The Growth Plan visit gives the administrator the opportunity to observe a portion of a lesson and to provide feedback related to the Instructional Growth Objective, as well as other aspects of teaching.  There is no formal conference required for this observation, and the teacher is not rated on the Focus Elements for this observation.  The visit may be scheduled, or unscheduled.  

    The Formal Observation is an opportunity for the administrator to observe an entire lesson.  This observation is always scheduled, and prior to the observation, the teacher should provide the administrator with a copy of the lesson plan for the day of the observation.  The administrator and teacher will meet prior to the lesson to discuss the plan, and will have a second conference following the lesson observation to discuss the observer's notes, applicable student work, next steps, etc.  The administrator will provide a rating on each of the 7 Focus Elements for this lesson, based on the evidence collected during the formal observation process.

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  • When should we complete the Final Evaluation Report?

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    The Final Evaluation Report provides the teacher's overall evaluating rating for the year.  It is based on a number of pieces of evidence, including the ratings from the Formal Observation.  The final report should be completed in the Spring, as portions of this report relate to attendance and professional duties throughout the school year.  The deadline to complete the Final Evaluation Report and conference is May 9, 2017.  

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