• English Learners

  • Contact Information

    Mr. Kirk Nascimento

    English Learners 
    Instruction - Elementary

    (818) 654-3623 



    Ms. Mercy Momary
    English Learners 
    Instruction - Secondary

    (818) 654-3617



    Ms. Debra Hirsch

    English Learners 

    (818) 654-3700


ELD Programs

     Elementary    Secondary    Compliance
                  Elementary                         Secondary                   Compliance
    NEW:  New Updated  ELPAC Resources page.  Click here.

    Additional ELD Report Card materials:

    Reclassification Plan--Deadline Extended--Now due November 15th, 2017!
     ELD Report Card resources  
    MMED has created resources to assist teachers in completing ELD grades for the new report card.  
    NEW:  New MMED ELD Report Card Resources page.  Click here.

    Additional ELD Report Card materials:

     NEW:  New Elementary Reclassification  Resources page.  Click here. 
     NEW:  Updated Resources page.  Click here. 
     NEW:  New Elementary Instructional Updates page.  Click here. 
    NEW:  Presentation PPT (60 minute PD) and materials for Start Smart 2.0.  Click here
    NEW:  Elementary START SMART 2.0 lessons and resources posted for Grade 3. Click here and look under "Elementary Resources".



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    Language Appraisal Team (LAT) Membership Form (Word

    LTEL Goal Sheet - Elementary   (English)   (Español)
    LTEL Goal Sheet - Secondary   (English)   (Español