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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions


    Who takes the School Experience Survey?

    The School Experience Survey is taken by parents, students, teachers and staff in LAUSD schools. Starting January 2017, Early Education Centers will participate in administering parent and staff surveys. Visit to take the survey online.

    • One parent survey per school is distributed to each household that includes a TK-12 student. For households with more than one student enrolled in the same school, the oldest student in the school will receive the survey. Parents can complete the survey on paper or online.
    • Students in grades 3-12 complete the survey online (starting January 2017).
    • All school staff who are assigned at least 50% to a school site, including teachers, principals, administrators, counselors, and other staff complete surveys online.

    When will the survey be administered in the 2016-2017 school year?

    Administration of the 2016-2017 School Experience Survey will take place from January 17th to February 7th, 2016.


    When can I expect to receive my survey shipments?

    Schools will receive their parent survey shipments by January 13th, 2017. Please call 213- 241-5600 if you have not received them by this date.


    How do my students log in online to take their surveys?

    Students will need 1) the name of their school’s Local District (e.g., South) and 2) their LAUSD ID (available to teachers for download from the MiSiS attendance report). Each student should first select their Local District from the dropdown menu and then input their LAUSD ID as their password.

    NOTE: Students should only take the survey if they have enough experience with their school. Passwords are based on rosters pulled on December 1st, 2016. If a student cannot log in, this means that the student does not have access to the survey and will not be counted against the school’s response rate.


    What does it mean that survey results will be confidential?

    Each student and parent uses an identification code for survey login. Staff members select their school and their role (teacher, principal, SAA, counselor, other staff) from a drop down menu. The survey results are stored behind a secure login system and identifiable data are never shared with school sites or third parties. The survey data are primarily used to calculate school response rates and create summarized data reports. 

    Only members of the LAUSD’s Performance Management Branch (not school site staff) can access the full survey data and are required to adhere to strict student privacy protocols as set forth in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) when using the data for research or analysis. Results are only shared in a de-identified format and are publicly reported as summary data only if there is a sample size of at least 11 individuals (students, parents, or staff).


    Is there a specific period during which student surveys should be administered?

    No. Schools may choose how to administer the student surveys, so long as each student in grades 3 through 12 has an opportunity to take the survey once.

    One of my parents received a survey in a language that was not preferred. What should I do?

    Parent surveys are only printed in English or Spanish. We used the "Parent/Guardian Language" in MiSiS to determine parent survey language, either English or Spanish. If a parent received an English survey and would like a Spanish survey or received a Spanish survey and would like an English survey, please offer the parent the option to complete the English or Spanish survey online at during the survey administration window. We do not offer surveys in other languages.

    I received a paper survey. May I complete the survey online instead?

    Yes. Parents should use the 10-digit survey code on the paper copy of the survey, then click on to take the survey online. If verification is needed that the survey was completed, participants may print the last page that appears after clicking “submit.”

    I do not have a 10-digit ID code and I want to complete my survey online. What should I do?

    Students: Students will need to know 1) their school’s Local District name (e.g., South) and 2) their LAUSD ID, which is available from their teacher. If a student cannot log in, this means that the student has not been enrolled long enough at the same school. The student will not take the survey and will not be counted against the school’s response rate.

    Parents, if you would like to complete the survey online and do not have a ten digit ID, do the following:

    • Enter "0000" followed by your child's 6-digit birth date in place of your code. For example, if your child was born October 2, 2007, enter "0000100207" and click "Next".
    • Select your school from the drop-down list and click "Next" to begin the survey.

    When are School Experience Surveys due?

    School Experience Surveys should be completed by all respondents by February 7, 2016. Schools should transport their completed parent and student surveys to their local testing center for processing between February 13, 2016 and February 17, 2016.

    I do not have enough logins for students or paper surveys for parents at my school. What should I do?  

    Not all students or parents will participate in the School Experience Survey:

    • Only grade 3 through 12 students take the student surveys and students only receive access if they were enrolled at the same school since December 1st, 2016. A student who cannot log in does not have enough experience with the school to take the survey and will not be counted against the school’s response rate.
    • Only one survey per household per school is distributed to parents of TK-12 students. This means that only the oldest sibling at each school will get a parent survey. Parents only receive surveys if their children have been enrolled at the same school since December 1st, 2016. 
    • At this time, no surveys are created for pre-K students or students in adult schools.
    If the above do not answer your concern, call 213-241-5600.
    I received paper parent surveys for some families that no longer have students at my school. What should I do?

    The LAUSD Performance Management Branch will compare the December 1st roster against February enrollment records to calculate response rates based only on students who were enrolled during the administration window. Schools do not need to report counts of students who have left.

    I am at a school and I would like to return the completed surveys to be processed. What should I do?

    DO NOT RETURN YOUR COMPLETED SURVEYS IN U.S. MAIL OR LAUSD SCHOOL MAIL. Your original shipment of surveys included an instruction packet. Once you find this package, do the following:

    • Follow the instructions on the school instruction packet to transport your completed surveys to your local testing center between February 13th and February 17th, 2016.
    • If you have any difficulty, call us at 213-241-5600.

    A student or parent speaks a language other than English or Spanish. Can they take the survey in their language?

    Parents can access the survey in different languages by taking it online and using the language settings on their internet browsers to translate the survey into their language of choice.