• High School Summer Course Guidelines
    Please click on the below link to access the course guidelines for Contemporary Composition (grade 11) and the grade 12 courses.  For this summer session only, please use these course descriptions. However, teachers should be developing and/or aligning their courses to the Common Core State Standards for ELA>
    Summer Term Curriculum Maps
    Summer Term "Mindset for Resiliency/Start Smart" Units (English 9 and English 10)
    The summer term “Mindsets for Resiliency and Success” units are designed to be delivered during the first three to four days of  summer term to help with introducing students to habits of discourse and thinking around reading, writing, speaking, and listening that will support their learning throughout the school year.  Guidance is provided to teachers to help with establishing norms for conversation and collaboration. These units can be used in both the "A" and "B" sections of the designated grade level.
    This site provides a variety of instructional resources--teaching strategies, activities, lesson plans--that can be downloaded and used in the classroom. Many of these resources have been submitted by teachers who are members of the  LAUSD Secondary CCSS ELA Writing Fellowship.  All resources are applicable to instruction aligned to the Common Core.
    Once on the site, click on the "Instructional Resources" tab (users do not need to login to access the resources). Users can filter by subject area, eg., "English Language Arts," and/or  grade. In addition, resources can also be searched by using various tags or key words, eg., reading, discussion, writing, etc.  
    Inside/Outside Research Project
     The Inside/Outside Research Project addresses the CCSS W7 (grades 6 -12), which focuses on students conducting short research projects to answer a question (including self-generated for grades 8 and above) to pursue “further research and investigation.” This project is designed to use at the beginning of the school year to help students build to mastering this particular standards. This project also provides students the opportunity to further develop their knowledge and understanding of a topic, issue, or theme connected with a text(s). This project is designed to be done over a two to three day period.  

    The Council of the Great City Schools and Student Achievement Partners convened school district teams from across the nation to align instructional materials to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects. Participants learned how to develop quality text-dependent questions and improve the culminating activities.  These sessions were both training and work sessions that provided general education, ELL and special education leaders an opportunity to collaborate on preparing CCSS-aligned, instructional classroom materials for grades 6-10.  The following AAPs were developed by LAUSD educators and 6th through 10th grade teachers. Please click "Anthology Alignment Project" to access the materials.

    On LDC's website, ldc.org, teachers can create a free account and access the design tool through the CoreTools link. Once inside CoreTools, teachers have their own library, where they can create, share, or copy existing mini-tasks and modules from the LDC Curriculum Library.  The library of existing teacher-created mini-tasks and modules may be used as they are, built into your own module, or modified. The library contains tasks and modules that apply to a variety of content areas and grade-levels, and that support building students' content knowledge and literacy skills.