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  • Who Should Parents Contact for GATE-Related Questions?

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    School GATE Coordinator

    Initiating a GATE Referral for identification in all categories


    -  students must be enrolled in LAUSD schools

    -   independent charter schools must be approved by the District and must be within LAUSD boundaries

    -    School screening committee will decide if there is enough supporting evidence to proceed with referral

    -   Testing is not guaranteed and is on a first-come, first-served basis

    -  Affiliated and independent charter schools may refer students through the fee-for-service process


    GATE Intellectual Testing schedule


    Coordinator can check with local GATE psychologist, but has no influence in scheduling or testing

    -    For coordinators who are also classroom teachers, request the front office to find out when is the best time for the coordinator to return calls/emails or schedule appointments pertaining to GATE (e.g., Mondays and Wednesdays after 3:00 pm).


    Requesting Reassessment for Intellectual Testing







    -     Parent must write letter of rationale explaining why the first test was not valid

    -     If principal deems rationale is valid, the letter, the reassessment form, and supporting evidence will be submitted to GATE Office for final approval


    Student placement/clustering


    Clusters of 5–8 gifted students in Elementary and 15–25 in Secondary is recommended


    Concerns regarding instruction 

    Differentiated instruction for gifted learners should include depth, complexity, acceleration and novelty at minimum (per CA GATE Standards)

    Gifted/Talented Programs Office





    (213) 241-6500



    (213) 241-8975 



    General GATE questions regarding identification, referrals, GATE instruction, parent workshops/conference, etc. 
    Schools for Advanced Studies application procedures
    Conservatory of Fine Arts
    Intellectual test results/confirmation of GATE Status
    Family Education Rights and Privacy  Act—In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, parents or guardians may receive a copy of their child’s intelligence test results through written request. The student’s name, birth date, exact request, approximate date and location of assessment, and the home address where information should be sent must be included. Parent signature is required. 

    -   Also, refer to our website to make your selection:



    Send your request by U.S. Mail or by fax to Gifted/Talented Programs.

     -   Please allow 2–3 weeks for your request to be processed.

     -   Click here to obtain the Parent Request for Tests Results in English 


    Magnet Programs

    (Student Integration)


    (213) 241-4177

    Status of applications, selection, points and enrollment for magnet schools, including Gifted/High Ability and Highly Gifted Magnet schools                           


    Assistance with eChoices website, confirmation/ reference numbers and accessing/viewing eligibility letters 


     Space available applications


     -   Magnet programs are court-ordered voluntary integration opportunities available to students living within the LAUSD boundaries. 

     -  The magnet schools/centers offer self-contained classes and place emphasis on developing higher-level thinking skills in a demanding academic program for students who are entering grades K–12.

     -  Applications are available Districtwide at the local schools, Local Districts, Parent Community Services Branch (PCS), Los Angeles City Libraries or by calling the Office of Student Integration Services. 

     - Students must reside within the LAUSD boundaries at the time of application and while participating in the magnet program.


     (213) 241-6572




    Criteria to apply to the Gifted/High Ability and Highly Gifted Magnet schools
    Verification form for Gifted/High Ability and Highly Gifted Magnet schools applies to students who attend:
     - non-LAUSD schools
     - independent charter schools
     - private schools