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School Fiscal Services Staff Directory

Title Name Email Phone
Deputy Budget Director Nargis Merchant nargis.merchant@lausd.net 213-241-0146
Assistant Budget Director Sally Hoy sally.hoy@lausd.net 213-241-1828
Fiscal Resource and Training Manager Samuel Gonzalez samuel.gonzalez@lausd.net 213-241-7905
Sr. Fiscal Specialist Beatrice Lomeli beatrice.lomeli@lausd.net 213-241-2104
Sr. Fiscal Specialist Pauline Tran pauline.tran@lausd.net 213-241-1197
Office Technician Cecilia Bradshaw cxb4960@lausd.net 213-241-7677
Fiscal Services Manager - LD Central Jannette Low jannette.low@lausd.net 213-766-7360
Fiscal Services Manager - LD East Aurelia Zamudio aurelia.zamudio@lausd.net 323-224-3170
Fiscal Services Manager - LD Northeast Chris Iya chris.iya@lausd.net 818-252-5475
Fiscal Services Manager - LD Northwest Robin Foster robin.foster@lausd.net 818-654-3710
Fiscal Services Manager - LD South Alex Zamora alex.zamora@lausd.net 310-354-3422
Fiscal Services Manager - LD West Nora Castillo ncasti3@lausd.net 213-241-1912
Fiscal Services Manager - School Budgeting Support Network Brenda Dobson brenda.dobson@lausd.net 310-914-2121
Fiscal Services Manager - School Budgeting Support Network Nicky Varon nicky.varon@lausd.net
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    Fiscal Specialist Assignments - revised 10/19/2021

    This Excel file has contact information for each school's Fiscal Specialist.