• ITI Technology Planning Course

  • This course supports school Instructional Leadership Teams in developing an informed, effective plan for instructional technology integration that is tailored to each school’s needs. Collaborative work throughout the modules will lead to:

    • Completion of a School Instructional Technology Plan, which will become an addendum to your Single Plan for Student Achievement.
    • Creation of a multimedia showcase project that creatively and effectively promotes the plan your team has developed for technology integration. Your most important audience will be your school community; the project also will be shared on the Instructional Technology Initiative website, to celebrate your work and to inspire the work of others!
      • With your group, discuss the PSA Elements document, which can help guide your work.


    The seven modules in the course each require about two hours, with homework in between. We suggest that team members complete the readings in advance, to maximize collaborative time when you meet. Each module focuses on an essential element of effective technology integration planning. The navigation bar on the right side of the page allows you to easily browse the modules to prepare. They are offered in a sequence that makes sense to the Instructional Technology Initiative (ITI) team, but may be completed in the order that works best for your team.

    Each module page on this website has a link to a slide deck that will guide your team through the module, and a list of activities that we suggest are completed in advance of your team’s meeting for that module. The module page also summarizes key elements of the slide deck:

    • Work to Complete Before Session so that members can make the most of their time together
    • Guiding Questions that focus discussion as your team moves through the module
    • Learning Experiences(video clips, articles, and activities) that inform discussions and help shape your plan.
    • Module Outcomes that include completion of the appropriate questions in the School Instructional Technology Plan and additions to the showcase project that will represent your plan.
    • Beyond section describes additional resources and activities you may want to explore beyond the module
    Each school is at a different place in its integration of technology to empower students and teachers in enhancing teaching and learning. The activities in this course can be modified to support your school’s growth, wherever it is on the continuum, so that the technology plan your team creates genuinely meets the needs of your community.