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    Data Points Newsletter - monthly print version (previously SIS/MiSiS newsletter)

    NEW - Data Points Online Knowledgebase  (In Development) - Web version of the Data Points newsletter, will be an ongoing aggregation of all student data-related support content throughout the year.
    Certify (http://datatool.lausd.net) - Currently this can only be used from LAUSD locations (not from home)
    Need Access to Certify ?  Access to Certify is given to those employees entered on the School Data Designee Form via the Principal's Portal. 
    If you need help accessing or interpreting the Certify reports and/or fixing errors in MiSiS as indicated in the report, please call for assistance below:

    Student Information Support Branch: Data Correction & Certify Assistance

    Local District Support Team Representative Phone Number
    Northeast Vivian Moran Di Zitti 213-241-2593
    Northwest & LD XS Giancarlo Generoso 213-241-5350
    West Margarita Sanchez 213-241-4294
    Central Angelique Morales 213-241-2403
    East Brenda Simentiel  213-241-6731
    South Margarita Rosales 213-241-5391

    Fall Census Data Correction: Related Job Aids  -  Here's a quick "cheat sheet" of all the job aids available if you need help editing screens and running reports related to fall census.  Be sure to also see the Data Points Newsletters 

    • Fall Census (Survey): Assigning Sections to Out of Classroom Staff - Follow these instructions for adding out of classroom staff for Fall Census
    • No Show Process – Follow these instructions to delete the enrollment of a student that has not attended.  If assigned to class(es), make certain that ALL have attendance marked Absent-UC or the no show process will not work.  You can check the status of No Shows with the No Show Report (Reports > No Show Report).
    • Updating Student Enrollment Record – Update or correct gender, Grade Level, E Code, E (entry) date, Student Resident Address and Phone, Ethnicity & Race
    • Name Corrections – The job aid for updating preferred name will show you how to access the Census > Identifying Information screen to update any of the names; legal, preferred, or diploma.   When making changes at this time, make sure to also update the diploma name to be the same as the legal name (at this time).
    • Edit a Withdrawal Record – If you need to edit withdrawal type, reason codes, or change a withdrawal date.
    • Elementary Class Enrollment Report & Secondary Class Enrollment Report - This report is used during the school year to keep track of class size and balance classes. It will also be useful to see all of the sections for your school, including the sections for out-of-classroom personnel.
    • Updating Home Language Survey (ONLY if never previously entered) – If there is already HLS information entered and/or previous Primary Language already on the record, you will need to have the 1st HLS ready to fax and contact the School Information Branch (phone 213-241-2450, fax 213-241-8969) or assistance.
    • Master Plan Roster - This report shows a teacher's roster according to the student's master plan including English Only (EO), Initially Identified Fluent English Proficient (IFEP), Limited English Proficient (LEP), Reclassified Fluent English Proficient (RFEP), and students missing language class codes.
    • EL Enrollment by Teacher Report - This report displays all English Learner courses and sections the teacher is scheduled to teach.



Contact SISB

  • 333 S Beaudry Ave 16th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90017

    Phone 213-241-2081
    Fax 213-241-8966

    Mon - Fri 7:30am - 4:30pm