• Los Angeles Unified School District

    Office of the Inspector General

    The OIG reports directly to the Board of Education. This reporting structure gives the OIG significant independence from District managers and staff. This independence is extremely important because there is a natural tendency for managers and supervisors to be protective of the programs that they administer. In some cases, the discovery of waste, mismanagement or wrongdoing may reflect on the manager personally. Even if the manager is not implicated, revelations of waste or wrongdoing may reflect adversely on the program involved by undercutting the support of the Board of Education, Superintendent and public. Under these circumstances, managers and supervisors do not always identify or come forward with evidence of failings in the programs they administer. For that reason, the responsibility for auditing and investigating must be assigned to individuals with clear and unrestricted independence from District managers.


    Hundreds of professional audits and investigations completed by the OIG have resulted in saving the District millions of dollars which is redirected to students in the classroom. Additionally, the OIG is responsible for suggesting and directing major reforms to the District’s infrastructure including the procurement process, financial management system, information technology structure, school construction program, environmental policies, transportation operations, workers’ compensation program, ethics policies, and payroll operations.