Middle School Physical Education Resources


    Physical Education Program Checklist 


    The Physical Education Program Checklist helps administrators, teachers and parents review physical education programs. The guiding document help with the assessment of policy and environment, curriculum, appropriate instruction, and student assessment.  

    The Physical Education Framework for California Public School, K-12 

    The California Physical Education Framework is an excellent resources for all teachers on how to teach quality physical education aligned to the state standards.  There are sample lessons as well as content on contradicted exercises, exercise science, motor learning and biomechanics. 

    The Physical Education Content Standards for California Public Schools, K-12

    The California State Standards for physical education have been adopted by LAUSD.  These standards identify what a student is to know and be able to do by the end of their grade level.

    Maintaining Aquatic Safety in Schools Having Swimming Pools

    Students' safety is a primary concern in aquatics programs. Bulletin 1454.2 clarifies the District’s policy regarding safety regulations for the instructional aquatic programs conducted in elementary, secondary, and adult schools, and for interscholastic aquatic teams. The student water safety test for swimming and diving is in the bulletin.
     From SHAPE America - Paul Zientarski - Ted Talk