Teacher Induction Programs
  • The Teacher Induction Education Specialist (TIES) Program and the Teacher Induction Intern (TII)* Program prepares Education Specialists and District Intern graduates for the California Clear Credential. The intent of the 24-month program is to provide an opportunity for each candidate to grow in their capacity as a teacher through an individualized program of reflection supported by like-credentialed Lead Mentors.


    The Teacher Induction Education Specialist (TIES) Program and the Teacher Induction Intern (TII)* Program incorporate:

    • reflection and coaching which is grounded in the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs) and includes the processes of individualized goal-setting based on self-reflection and collaboration with the program Lead Mentor and school site administrators.
    • an individualized system of intensive support from highly trained like-credentialed Instructional Faculty Lead Mentors, staff, and cohort members.
    • a collaborative cohort model integrated with one-on-one coaching conversations, small group participation and interaction through the use of innovative technology such video recording, real time video conferencing, and more.
    • authentic job embedded tasks and classroom-focused mentoring. 


    To enroll in Induction, please complete this form here.

    The requirements for acceptance into the Induction program are:

    • Current contracted teacher with LAUSD
    • Must be working in a Special Education setting their current credential authorizes
    • Must hold a preliminary (any specialty) or Level I (MMD or MSD only) Education Specialist credential verifiable via the CTC website: www.ctc.ca.gov
    • Teachers with a Level I MMD credential will have to already hold or earn the Autism Spectrum Disorder Added Authorization (ASD-AA) to complete the program


    * The Teacher Induction Intern (TII) Program is only available to graduates of the District Intern General Education Preliminary Program. Click HERE for the BTGDI Program (for all other General Education teachers seeking to clear their Preliminary Credential).