• The Clear Education Specialist Induction Program (CESIP) prepares Education Specialists for the California Clear Credential. The 24-month CESIP is for Education Specialists who do not already hold a Clear Credential. Education Specialists who do hold a Single Subject or Multiple Subject Clear work through a modified 12-month CESIP as partial credit for an induction program completion is granted.


    The Clear Education Specialist Induction Program incorporates:

    • Current theory and practical application in Special Education.

    • Pedagogical strategies for teaching in Special Education.

    • Formative assessment which is grounded in the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs) and includes the processes of teacher inquiry and action research.

    • Individualized and self-directed professional development based on participating teachers’ identified needs.

    • Job embedded and authentic tasks.

    • Collaborative cohort model integrated with one-on-one coaching conversations, small group interaction, workshops, seminars, and innovative technology such interactive journals, collaborative best practice demonstrations, and effective teaching technique videos.

     • An individualized system of intensive support by like-credentialed mentors, highly qualified Instructional Facilitators, CESIP staff, and cohort members.



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