• National Board Certified Mentor Program

    Check the Task 1 Guidelines to determine which teachers qualify for a mentor compensated with NBC hours

    20 21 Task 1 Guidelines



    • National Board Certified Teacher (be sure PAC and Commitment Form/Action Plan are submitted) or selected as a non-NBC specific Content/Subject Area Mentor
    • Employed at an LAUSD school or affiliated charter
    • 3 Years Teaching Experience
    • Clear Teaching Credential
    • Willing to serve as a mentor for New Hires, including Provisional Teachers, University Interns or Induction candidates as needed (within reasonable geographical distance from your school)  



    Complete the Mentor Interest Form Each year.

    Mentor Interest/Availability Form


    Required each year as a pre-requisite for all Task 1 log submissions—Register on MyPLN

    • If you are officially assigned as the primary mentor for the BTGDI program or ICAAP (DI) program and will not report NBC hours for mentoring any other teachers the NBC Mentor Information Meeting will be waived.  You must put the email from the program confirming your assignment in the evidence section of the log.


    • Go to the mentor match-up form to see if there is a teacher at or near your school that you could mentor.  Some assignments require a credential alike match, while others do not, check to see if you are eligible for assisting the specific teacher.
    • Some programs, such as induction or intern programs may require additional selection steps such as an application to that program
    • Match-ups for change of schools or under 5 years assigned at school site
    • ONE NBC mentor per mentee, unless supplementary support pre-approved by the NBC office as a way to provide mandated subject alike support or same school site support

    Match-ups for provisional teachers and university interns are not finalized until confirmed by NBC Office staff.      


    link will be provided once you complete the Mentor Availability Form   

    STEP 6:   MENTOR!!! 

    Get to know your mentee and their credential status. Provide mentor support to the teachers you are working with based on their individual needs and the program they are in

    STEP 7:   MENTOR LOG --Monthly

    • Submit the Online Mentor Log  by the 5th of every month—all task 1 Mentor categories       Link for Online Mentor Log:  20 21 Monthly Online Mentor Log
      • You will not print the monthly logs and submit them, you will submit the one page summary of mentor hours in the evidence section of the log
      • If you are officially assigned as the primary mentor for the BTGDI program or DI program and are completing their logs this will be waived.  You must put the email from the program confirming your assignment in the evidence section of the log.
    • Have mentee sign the hard copy log each month
    • Follow all guidelines for specific programs you are mentoring for

    STEP 8:   MENTOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT—Task 8 (see guidelines for qualified pd)

    • Program Specific—check with program for details (i.e. District Intern, Induction)
    • Teacher Support Program Coaching PD—Optional—see below for details

    STEP 9:   MENTOR LOG —Fall and/or Spring Log Submission

    • Include the hard copy log signed by the mentee each month in the log section.
    • Print the summary of online mentor hours to include in the evidence section        Link for Summary:   19 20 link coming soon

    Filtering the spreadsheet for YOUR hours:

    • Find the column that is labeled Mentor Employee Number.
    • Locate your employee number
    • The spreadsheet should be in order by employee number.   If not, use the small arrow at the bottom right of the column title to sort a-z.   Copy the rows with your20  employee number and paste them on a word processing document.   Put your name and employee number at the top.   This is all you need for evidence. 
    • Video explanation:  LOOKING FOR HOURS.webm4 MB   


    Registration on MyPLN

    The LAUSD National Board Certified Coach Program is devoted to providing National Board Certified Teachers within the District with a foundation in the research informing effective coaching practice and development of skills in applying the research to a variety of coaching situations.

    Our goal is to build a cadre of teachers who will have an impact on increasing student achievement through providing focused one-on-one and small group support for teachers using evidence-based strategies and the instructional coaching process.  At its core, instructional coaching involves the classroom teacher and the coach examining practical strategies for engaging students and improving their learning through identification and implementation of effective teaching skills.

    The emphasis of this series is on developing knowledge and skills that can be applied toward implementing effective coaching in a variety of different programs.

    Mentor Information Meeting

    Mandatory for all NBC Teachers reporting Task 1 hours

    Information on types of permits and credentials teachers eligible for mentoring for NBC hours might have.  Basic information on requirements and goals for each.

    Program Specific Mentor Training

    Once you have been accepted as a mentor for a specific program (Provisional, Intern, Induction)  they will share the expectations for their program, including mentor training.   

    General Guidelines for Coaching Series

    • You must be willing to serve as a mentor to a provisional, intern or induction candidate if needed.  
    • NBC Teachers are eligible to attend only ONE series of Mentoring/Coaching Training per year.  Registration for classes is on MyPLN.  You should also attend the Mentor Information Meeting each year.
    • The first session of each series is face to face and is a pre-requisite for continuing the online sessions.  The following sessions are online and can be completed at any time prior to the due date (the date that shows as the class date). 

    1.   Foundations of Coaching             21 HOURS

    • 1 three hour Face to Face class  AND 6 three hour Online classes
    • Pre-requisite:  Willing to serve as a mentor

    2.   Coaching Symposium                      15 HOURS

    • 1 three hour Face to Face class   AND   4 three hour Online classes
    • Pre-requisite:  Complete Foundations of Coaching in a previous year

    3.   Coaching Institute                           12 HOURS

    • 1 three hour Face to Face class   AND   3 three hour Online classes
    • Pre-requisite:   Complete Coaching Symposium in a previous year

    4.   Special Topics in Mentoring          15 HOURS

    1 three hour Face to Face class   AND   4 three hour Online classes

    • Select from the available Special Topics in Mentoring Classes that you have not yet completed
    • Pre-requisite:   Complete Coaching Institute in a previous year

    Beginning Teacher Growth and Development Induction Program (BTGDI) Mentor

    • Application and Contact Information are on the Special Opportunities Page of the NBC Website
    • Apply and attend BTGDI Mentor Training
    • Follow all BTGDI Guidelines for Candidate Teacher Support and Program Documentation
    • Follow NBC Documentation Guidelines for reporting hours
    • Click here for BTGDI Mentor Policy and Reporting Guidelines




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