• “Instruction does much, but encouragement does everything.”

    - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe



    1 – Support Providers are required by the State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) for teachers in credentialing programs.


    2 – As per the agreement between the District and UTLA, LAUSD Support Providers must be teachers who provide instruction to students at least 50% of the school day.


    3 – Teachers in Special Education credentialing programs are required by the State of California to have like-credentialed support providers. To meet the requirement of like-credentialed, teachers earning mild/moderate credentials must have Support Providers who hold clear mild/moderate credentials, and teachers earning moderate/severe credentials must have Support Providers who hold clear moderate/severe credentials, and so on.



    “Effective teaching 
may be the 
hardest job.”

    - William Glasser



    4 – The District Intern Program offers credentialing options for teachers 
to earn preliminary and clear 
teaching credentials.


    5 – Teachers in the District Intern preliminary credential program 
are referred to as interns, whereas teachers 
in the clear credential program 
are referred to as candidates.


    6 – LAUSD Support Providers advise and observe 
interns and/or candidates
 approximately 8 hours per month, maintain monthly Support Provider Logs, and each month give copies of their logs to their interns' and/or candidates' Principals, to keep Principals informed of
 all support activities.



    “The mark of a well educated person is not necessarily in knowing all the answers, 
but in knowing where
 to find them.”

    - Douglas Everett



    7 – The primary tasks of Support Providers serving 
preliminary credential interns 
include confidential mentoring 
and observations focused on 
developing all skills necessary
 for the assigned positions.


    8 – The primary tasks of Support Providers serving 
clear credential candidates include confidential mentoring, 
two (2) annual written observations, and monitoring/supporting the candidates’ completion of all induction 
assignments and requirements.



    “To teach is 
to learn twice.”


Joseph Joubert



    9 – LAUSD Support Providers 
may serve a maximum of 
2 interns/candidates to earn
 a stipend of $500 per intern/candidate
 per semester. 
LAUSD Support Providers who are 
National Board Certified (NBC) 
may serve an additional 
2 interns/candidates, to earn NBC hours.


    10 – Principals of 
interns/candidates authorize payment of 
the support provider stipend by signing 
and submitting verification of duties and responsibilities forms. 
The forms are sent to Support Providers at the end of each semester. Support Providers fill out the verification of duties and responsibilities forms 
and then give the forms to the Principals
 of the interns/candidates they support.