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Franklin Dual Language Program - English Version


Language Connects Us All - English


Franklin Dual Language Program - Spanish


Language Connects Us All - Spanish


LAUSD At Its Best - Armenian Dual Language Program


Language Connects Us All- Submissions from Schools

    2015 China & US Climate Summit
    September 15, 2015
    City Terrace Mandarin Dual Language Immersion 
  • 2013-14 Superintendent's Annual Administrators' Address

    Fast forward to 35:49 to see Nelson Henriquez speaking in Mandarin at the Administrators' Address.


    NBC's Life Connected TV Show Highlights the Dual Language Programs at El Sereno Middle School



    El Sereno Middle School was featured in NBC's "Life Connected" series celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in the Fall of 2013, specifically highlighting their Dual Language Programs. 
    Please click on the link to view the video segment of NBC's TV show, "Life Connected: Hispanic Heritage Month."