MiSiS Forms

  • Access

    Please visit our Apply for Access page for access request forms. 


    Please complete the form to request an extension to the grade entry window for teachers. Official dates can be found in REF 4236. Please allow 1-2 business days for processing.

    Removing MiSiS Access from Former Employees Fax Form

    School administrators may complete and fax this form to remove access from a batch of employees at their school site.

    Request for Removal of Student Support and Progress Team Referral(s) from MiSiS

    To request the removal of SSPT records created in error, please complete this form. Enter the students name/ID Number, date the referral was created and the reason for the request. The school principal will need to sign the form. Email the completed form to the Intervention Coordinator for your respective district. The contact information for the Intervention Coordinators is available at https://achieve.lausd.net/sspt.

    Request to Extend Teacher Access for Submitting Attendance

    This form is to be used when teacher attendance submission access needs to be extended beyond the standard time period.

    Student Support (formerly Counseling and Discipline)

    This form is to be used to remove duplicate referrals, referrals issued to an incorrect student, when a Suspension or O.T. is documented in error, or if a Suspension has been Appealed and Overturned by the Operations Administrator. Contact Student Discipline and Expulsion Support for information regarding the use of this form (213) 202-7555.