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    The purpose of the Title 1 program is to meet the educational needs of children in low-income households and children in local institutions for neglected or delinquent children.  Participants include students who are at risk of failing, disabled, and English Learners.  The Title 1 Program supplements services needed to raise the achievement level of kindergarten through grade 12 participants in basic and advanced skills.  The Title 1 Program is not designed to supplant services  or materials that should be provided through the regular education program.

    Title 1 Coordinators for Local District Northeast
    Sue Florindez                                      Anthony (Tony) Karch
    (818) 252-5400 ext.5444                     (818) 252-5400 ext.5443 
    sue.florindez@lausd.net                    anthony.karch@lausd.net

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