Microsoft Software Bundle

  • The District has an enterprise license agreement (ELA) with the Microsoft corporation that enables schools and offices to purchase Microsoft products, including Windows operating systems and Office productivity software, at a substantial discount. As part of the agreement, an $85 standard fee is assessed for each new laptop or desktop computer purchased for a school or office. This fee covers the licensing costs for all Windows and Office products installed.To keep things simple, the fee is standard for Apple computers as well as PCs.

    Because the ELA is administered centrally by the District, vendors (i.e., Arey Jones, Apple) do not collect these fees when providing quotes or invoices for their products even though they may take care of the installation; accordingly, they are not included on purchase orders issued to the vendor. Instead, the District's purchasing systems arrange for a transfer of $85 from the purchasing location's account. It is important for each location to be aware of this and make sure to budget sufficient funds in order for equipment purchases to work correctly.

    Different prices are available when upgrading Microsoft software on existing equipment or when purchasing software for employee personal use. See the Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement page for more information.