The following certificated employees/candidates must be fingerprinted by the Los Angeles Unified School District and receive clearance prior to reporting for work:
    1. All new employees
    2. All former employees who have been separated from service for any period of time
    3. Current employees who have a hire date prior to January 25, 1992, who require processing due to a change in employment status or classification.
    Fingerprints may be taken and cleared up to 60 days prior to your first day of employment with the District.  
    New employees must fingerprint at a third-party site. Please navigate to to find a fingerprint site and register. 
    All new employees must register for Employment Prints by clicking the green "CREDENTIALED SCHOOL EMP" button on the site. 
    Any new employee who DOES NOT currently hold a credential, permit or Certificate of Clearance issued by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing must also register for Commission prints by clicking the purple "LICENSE CERT OR PERMIT" button on the site to print for a Certificate of Clearance Application. An additional fingerprinting fee will apply, as well as a fee for the Certificate of Clearance Application. You will also need to complete the Certificate of Clearance application through the Commission on Teacher Credentialing website
    No employee may report to work prior to receiving District notification of fingerprint clearance.
    For additional questions, or to check on the status of your fingerprint clearance, please call (213) 241-5300. 
    No matter where you choose to fingerprint, please be sure that you use your full legal name on all employment documents. 
    Please see below for detailed instructional videos regarding fingerprinting at third-party sites.