Many School Booster Clubs, PTOs and Student Body Groups regularly sponsor extracurricular activities, special events and/or fundraisers that pose liability risks to LAUSD owned property, its employees, students and the sponsoring organization. 
    If the event or the sponsoring organization is improperly insured and there are allegations of negligence that result in liability claims, the members of the sponsoring organization could find that their personal assets are at risk. Additionally, as the owner of the property, the District may also incur expenses related to defense of a liability claim.
    The Insurance and Surety Unit of the Procurement Services Division has set minimum requirements for sponsors of special events:

    For most "Special Events," the District provides access to insurance through its approved insurance broker, Alliant Insurance. Alliant can provide coverage for events occurring on or at LAUSD properties and can assist event sponsors in purchasing a reasonably priced special events liability policy that meets the minimum requirements set by the District for its Short-Term Leasing Agreement. This program provides cost effective insurance coverage for short-term and limited events. However, this insurance program is not cost effective for long term insurance coverage needs. Long term coverage needs may be best served by obtaining an industry standard policy that covers a standard one-year coverage period.

  • Short-Term Lease
    To obtain the "Request for Short-Term Lease" application, please contact the District's Real Estate Leasing & Asset Management Branch at (213) 241-6785.

    Carnivals, fairs, and other special events
    Carnivals, fairs, and other special events may require approvals and inspections from the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (“OEHS”), www.lausd- oehs.org. Please allow sufficient time for processing.
    Contact us at (213)241-0329