• FREE Emergency Plan Apps for LAUSD

    Versions of the app are customized for employees and parents/students. Both apps are free and are available from CrisisManager in app stores for android/ios smartphones and tablets. 
    LAUSD Staff/Responder Emergency Plan app is available to ALL District employees and local first responders. The app includes 21 categories of emergency response procedures, all taken from the Districtwide LAUSD Integrated Safe School Plan template.
     LAUSD Community Emergency Plan app is available in English and Spanish for parents/guardians, students, and members of the public seeking LAUSD emergency preparedness information. This app contains information about how LAUSD schools prepare for and respond to a variety of emergencies and crises, including how parents and guardians are notified, how families will be reunited by the school in an emergency, and offers resources families can access. 
Emergency Plan App
  • Download CrisisManager 
    QR Codes  
    On your smartphone or tablet, visit the app store for your device. Search for SchoolDude CrisisManager. Create an account using your district (or first responder agency) email address if downloading staff/responder plan.
    Or scan the appropriate QR code above with your device.
  • Each One Teach One Campaign - Help grow awareness of LAUSD emergency plans! Once you have installed the app, help someone else download it. Then ask that person to help someone else install the app onto their device. #eachoneteachone  
    Resources for LAUSD Emergency Plan Apps
    Staff/Responder Emergency Plan app resources
    Please encourage employees in your school/unit to download the free app and familiarize themselves with the contents. Some methods to encourage use of the app is to add it to a meeting agenda, send an email, link to the emergency apps webpage on your website, or include app resources with other meeting handouts.    
    Community Emergency Plan app resources
    Everyone connected to our LAUSD community - parents, students, business owners, neighbors, CERT team members, etc. - is encouraged to download the free app and familiarize themselves with the contents.   
    LAUSD Emergency Plan App PSA (with LAFD): A Public Service Announcement developed with the Los Angeles Fire Department to highlight the LAUSD emergency plan mobile app and the "Saving Lives Through Technology" theme for Fire Service Month.
    Recursos en Español

    La aplicación del Plan Comunitario de Emergencia del LAUSD está disponible en Inglés y en Español para los padres / tutores, estudiantes y miembros del público que busquen información sobre la preparación en LAUSD para casos de emergencia. Esta aplicación contiene información sobre cómo se preparan las escuelas del LAUSD para hacer frente a una variedad de situaciones de emergencia y crisis, incluyendo cómo notifica a los padres y tutores, cómo las familias se reunirán en la escuela e en caso demergencia, y ofrece recursos a los que pueden tener acceso las familias. Si ha estado utilizando la aplicación a través de In Case of Crisis las instrucciones para migrar la aplicación de In Case of Crisis a CrisisManager ya están disponibles. ¡Es fácil!

    Recursos en la aplicación del Plan Comunitario de Emergencia del LAUSD:

    Se invita a todos a que descarguen la aplicación gratuita para padres, estudiantes y miembros del público. Se puede anunciar esta aplicación en las reuniones de padres, en las páginas web, en las escuelas, y en los espacios comunitarios como bibliotecas públicas y centros de recreación.

    For more information about LAUSD emergency apps, please contact Dr. Jill Barnes at 213-241-3889 or jill.barnes@lausd.net.