Local District Central Title I Program

     Title I
    "Title I is designed to help students served by the program to achieve proficiency on challenging State academic achievement standards.
    Title I schools with percentages of students from low-income families of at least 40 percent may use Title I funds, along with other Federal, State, and local funds, to operate a 'school-wide program' to upgrade the instructional program for the whole school."      
    - U.S. Department of Education 
    The Local District Title I Coordinators, working with FSEP staff, provide technical support on: 
        * Title I, Part A, Fiscal and Program Requirements
        * Federal Program Monitoring (FPM)
        * School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)
        * Schoolwide Programs (SWP)
        * Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) 
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  • Title I Program Support Staff:
    Marty Barrios (Title I Coordinator) Director Assignments
    (213) 241-8694
    Oscar Salas (Title I Coordinator) Director Assignments
    (213) 241-0497  

    2019-2020 Meeting Dates:

    Title I Designee Meetings 
      * Thursday, September 26 (Download Draft Agenda)
      * Thursday, October 24 at (Download Agenda)
      * Thursday, November 21 (Draft Agenda)
    Rescheduled due to relocation of LD Central Office
      * Thursday, January 30 (Download Draft Agenda) (School Map)
      * Thursday, February 27 at TBD
      * Thursday, April 23 at TBD 
      * Thursday, May 28 at TBD 
        * Refer to LD Central Schoology Course for more information.
    All attendees are required to bring an electronic device to access
    the materials online. Start time will be posted on the draft agenda. 
    Shopping Cart for Technology or Equipment deadline: January 30, 2020

    Other Important Dates:  

    LD Central Title I Program Support 
      * Monday, December 2 (AM or PM)
      * Monday, December 16 (AM or PM)
    Rescheduled due to relocation of LD Central Office
    2020-2021 Budget Development Training 
      2/10/20 - Monday AM Session at Lanterman HS
      2/10/20 - Monday PM Session at Lanterman HS
      2/12/20 - Wednesday AM Session at Orthopaedic HS
      2/12/20 - Wednesday PM Session at Orthopaedic HS
    SPSA Modification & BAR for Title I Second Allocation
      * Deadline to submit for Technology or Equipment: Decemer 6, 2019
      * Deadline to submit for other expenditures: January 30, 2020
    LD Central Schoology     FSEP SPSA Cover Page

    LD Central Schoology Course:


     Please contact your LD Central Title I Coordinator if you need to connect with the LD Central Title I Course on Schoology. 


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