• Missing Materials

    If you are missing any My Math materials, request a copy of your Purchase Order (PO) by e-mailing Joseph Espinosa @ jae0598@lausd.net. Once you have your PO in hand, review it and determine if there are any items that did not arrive yet.  If there are missing materials, contact the publisher at 1-800-780-0246 to check on their status. It has been communicated to us that while the delivery of some materials has been delayed, all materials required for compliance with Williams will arrive in time for the 2015-16 school year.


    If there are materials BEYOND what is on the PO, please contact Sandra Hartshorn at slh1233@lausd.net and forward a copy of your 2015-16 class matrix, indicating the number of teachers per grade level, and a copy of your classification report.  She will be able to support you with your additional needs. 


    K-6 My Math Component Checklists

    The following My Math Checklists list all of the components that each grade K-6 teachers should receive:

    Kindergarten     First     Second     Third     Fourth     Fifth     Sixth


    Please note that the following items on the My Math Component Checklist are only available digitally. Teachers will not receive a physical copy of them.


    1.        Response to Intervention Resource Guide                           2. Countdown to Common Core


     1                                                           2



    Obsolete envision Math Materials

    Please refer to REF-6497.




    The My Math e-Student CD Roms are intended to be provided to students who wish to access the content at home, but do not have an internet access. Teachers are encouraged to create a check-out system as the CD Roms are not consumable.


    Each K-2 set comes with enough student materials for 25 students. Each 3-5 set comes with enough materials for 30 students. Only teacher materials were ordered for special education teachers. Special education student materials are to be pulled from the general education materials.

  • Williams Sufficiency

    For a list of elementary math materials required for Williams sufficiency, click here.  
  • Textbook Pickup (Obsolete, Damaged, Unused)

    To have textbook materials picked up by truck operations please use the following form using this LINK. If LAUSD does not pickup materials after you fax in the form please contact Truck Operations at this LINK.