The idea for the Pilot School Organization (PSO) was born from the need for greater support to the Pilot Schools.
    Over a period of six months, between August 2013 to February 2014, staff from the Division of Intensive Support and Intervention, the Intensive Support and Innovation Center, Pilot School Principals, and the Pilot School Transition Board (made up of Principals, DISI Advisors, ISIC Instructional Directors, Labor Partners and Community Based Organizations) collaborated to bring to life a cohesive organization with the power to drive the Pilot School effort within LAUSD. 

    In February 2014, the PSO Constitution was unanimously adopted by 48 Pilot School principals. This document (found in the Library on this page) details the installation of the Executive Board, identifies Members, and describes how the PSO Executive Board will address issues on behalf of all LAUSD Pilot Schools.  Following the adoption of the constitution, the PSO elected their inaugural Executive Board members in June 2014.


PSO Document Library

2018-19 PSO Meeting Schedule and other Upcoming Events