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    The arts ask us to involve our whole selves, stretching and challenging our sensibilities and critical thinking skills, and encourage personal enrichment. The arts are consistent with and integral to the American ideals of individual life, liberty and happiness. In an arts curriculum enhanced by learning with and attending the performances of our community arts providers, students grow in their relationship and understanding of their place within our great city, our nation and the world. When community teaching artists come directly to the classroom, it becomes a vibrant learning environment where ongoing access to the artistic and cultural treasures of the Los Angeles community is no longer unattainable.
    An arts education stewarded by a combination of classroom teachers, arts teachers, parents and a collaborative arts community guarantees students access to a world of creative thinking, learning and growing.

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    View the presentation from the August 5, 2015 meeting, click here.

    Become part of the Community Arts Partner Registry. Information may be submitted at  http://bit.ly/ACNform.

    Arts organizations are listed under specific disciplines.

    LA County's ARTS FOR ALLis a collaborative effort on the part of arts education organizations, teachers, parents, policymakers and students to help make all the arts – dance, music, theatre and visual arts – part of the core curriculum in the County's school systems.  
    For a list of community arts organizations compiled by ARTS FOR ALL:
    The Los Angeles City Department of Cultural Affairs provides information on arts programs throughout the city, go to their web site at

    University of Chicago - A Report on the Teaching Artist Research Project: Executive Summary
    Teaching Artists and the Future of Education
    (click on the image above to view the report)