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    The Los Angeles Unified School district is committed to parents and guardians as equal partners in the education of their children. Research shows that an education rich in the arts can greatly boost a child’s achievement in academics, skills for leadership, and interest in school. "Ninety-three percent of Americans agree that the arts are vital to providing a well-rounded education for children," (Harris Poll), and are an important part of a complete education.  You can help ensure that your child’s school offers a quality and sequential arts curriculum by becoming more knowledgeable about the arts and participating in building community around the arts in your school.
    LAUSD Graduation Requirements: Every graduating student in LAUSD must have fulfilled the "F" requirement by earning 10 credits of visual and performing arts. Admission to University of California, California State University, private or community college schools may have additional requirements beyond that of LAUSD.
    Careers in the Arts: Otis Report on the Creative Economy of the Los Angeles Region: One out of six jobs in Southern California is now in the creative industries. Otis College of Arts and Design (2012).
    The California State PTA is leading an effort to create a sustainable and ever-growing network of parents, family members and caring adults who will act at the local and state levels to promote and support increased and equitable access for all students to a complete curriculum that includes high-quality arts education. PTA believes that the arts are essential for a creative, engaged, work-prepared and civic-minded student population and that the arts are a critical link to learning success.  For more about the California PTA and the arts, go to their SMARTS website.
    Americans For the Arts reports that students who participate in arts education are four times more likely to:
    • Be recognized for academic achievement
    • Participate in a math or science fair
    • Win an award for an essay or a poem
    • Be elected for a class office at school
    • Win an award for attendance
    Family Art Guide - Espanol

    Bring more art into your child's home and school life. Click on this Family Arts Guide in either English or Spanish for information about the importance of learning in and through the arts.
    Family Art Guide - English  English
    Family Art Summit 2012
    Parents take a class on the instruments of the orchestra with elementary music teacher David Howells.