• Research & Advocacy

Research & Advocacy

  • Below are sites for Arts Education Research:
    Arts Education Partnership 
    At this site, under "publications," you may find links to "Critical Links," "Critical Evidence," and dozens of research compendiums, guidelines on the use of Title I for arts, and other valuable information.
    Americans for the Arts 
    Covers the national scene in arts and arts education.
    The Kennedy Center for Arts Resources 
    Wonderful professional development and curricular resource.
    Harvard REAP Report
    Harvard Project Zero research showing irrefutable links between theatre education and verbal scores and between music and temporal, spacial awareness.
    California County Superintendents Educational Services Association
    Terrific toolboxes for arts integration, advocacy, research and implementation.
    Arts for All - L.A. County Arts Commission
    Link to arts residencies and resources throughout L.A. County.
    Department of Cultural Affairs 
    Link to the Cultural Affairs Department of Los Angeles City
    College Board ARTS at the CORE Initiative 
    Dynamic new nation-wide initiative to embed the arts in K-12 curriculum
    Elliott Eisher 
    President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities
    Arts Integration Framework: An exhaustive compendium of research on arts integration, from the Arts Education Partnership.
    The Otis College of Art and Design: Annual report on employment and business opportunities in the arts.
    Critical Links: Arts Education Partnership report on links between learning in the arts and student achievement and social/emotional development.
    Critical Links  
    NYC Center for Arts Education: research report on the impact of arts instruction on graduation rates and student satisfaction.
    NYC Center for Arts Education